This enables you to easily type Farsi/Persian online without installing Farsi keyboard صفحه کلید فارسی. You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Farsi letters with this online keyboard.

Farsi-Persian Keyboard

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Clear Copy
Why ?
  • It enbales you also to convert (transliterate) persian written in english letters, called Pinglish or Finglish, to persian language script.
  • You can easily search in Google, Youtube.
  • It alows you to translate your Farsi text to English.
  • You can calligraphy your text with diffrent beautiful fonts.
  • With Draw It! you can create a beautiful tag cloud.
  • Allowing a person to type Farsi using any computer keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen (iPhone, Andriod) – such as when traveling abroad or living in another country.
  • Enabling a more accessible typing experience by allowing typing by clicking in your own keyboard, or by clicking the keys with your mouse.


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